Each week from the time that the first appointment is set, there will be an hour long call talking about a different category each week. Working through the practice and establishing what needs the most attention, there can be adjustments to the end of the program. At the end of every appointment, an email will be sent reviewing the session and including focused questions. When deciding to work with the program, there will be a notebook and pen with AS Motivational logo on it as well as a 25$ gift card to Amazon bookstore.

Week 1-4: 
SELF evaluation
     •     Where are you now?
     •     How do you feel about where you are now?
     •     What is holding you back from being your truest self?
     •     Describe to me a time you were the happiest you have ever been.
     •     Describe to me a time you failed and did not get back up.

     •     Where do you live?
     •     How do you organize your things?
     •     Do you feel you have too much or too little?
     •     Tell me something about your environment that gives you feelings of happiness
     •     Tell me something about your environment that gives you feelings of anxiety

     •     Through my life what have been the biggest mistakes I have made?
     •     Have you forgiven yourself for those mistakes?
     •     Where in your life do you feel guilty?
     •     Where in your life do you feel shame?
     •     Tell me about your process of seeking forgiveness from others
     •     Tell me about you process of forgiving yourself.
     •     Tell me about the last time you forgave yourself

     •     Tell me about a time you were not great at something and had to practice to get better.
     •     What is your morning practice?
     •     What would a routine for you look like?
     •     What are some things you would have to sacrifice in order to conduct your morning practice?
     •     Do you meditate?
     •     What is your biggest barrier for meditating?
     •     When you look in the mirror what is the first thing that comes to mind?
     •     If those things are negative how do you correct yourself?

Week 5-7
Communication skills and language
     •     What is your favorite form of communication? Text? Call? Email?
     •     Do you look forward to talking with people and having discussions?
     •     Do you find it difficult or easy to communicate with your friends and family?
     •     Do you communicate differently with different people? How so?
     •     Tell me about a time you communicated with someone and it went the way you wanted.
     •     Tell me about a time you communicated with someone and it do not go the way you wanted.

Establishing boundaries and respectful expectations
     •     What are some issues you have had with friends before?
     •     What are some pet peeves you have?
     •     Tell me the last time someone did not respect your boundary
     •     What was your reaction to that?

Conflict Resolution
     •     How do you feel about conflict?
     •     Do you feel you have the language to argue appropriately?
     •     When was the last time you were in an argument?
     •     Was the result what you wanted?
     •     Where there things that were said that you regret?
     •     Did you communicate your boundaries appropriately?
     •     Tell me about a time you had to correct someone for being disrespectful to you and they reacted aggressively.
     •     Tell me about a time you communicated your boundaries and the person respected them.
     •     How did that make you feel?

Week 8-12
     •     How do you feel about your financial situation?
     •     What would an ideal financial situation look like?
     •     Do you have a budget?
     •     Do you look over your budget?
     •     Do you review your budget with other people for them to hold you accountable?
     •     What is your cash flow?
     •     What is your insurance?
     •     Do you have a will/trust?
     •     Tell me about a time you looked at your finances and felt proud.
     •     Tell me about a time your financial situation affected the rest of your life

     •     What are three words that you expect from a relationship?
     •     Where do you feel most of your anxiety from dating?
     •     Do you find that you are attracting the same type of person?
     •     Why do you date?
     •     Tell me about the best date you ever had
     •     Tell me about the worst date you ever had

     •     What are three words that you expect from a sexual partner
     •     Do you feel safe talking about sex with others?
     •     Do you create the space to allow sexual development?
     •     Tell me about a time you had great sex
     •     Tell me about a time where you felt unsure about the sex

     •     Are you happy with your health?
     •     Do you have energy throughout the day?
     •     Do you enjoy fitness? If not, why not?
     •     Are you on a diet?
     •     Do you fully understand the diet?
     •     When you look at food what do you feel?
     •     Do you feel different looking at different food?
     •     Why do you feel the need to change if you are on a food program?
     •     Tell me about your favorite food

Re-Evaluation of Life
     •     How far have you come in the last three months?
     •     What was the biggest progress you have seen yourself make?
     •     Do you find that you are happier now than you were when you started?
     •     Do you feel you have more tools to prevent your previous situation and overcome hardship?
     •     Did we accomplish the goal?

     •     Setting 3 month goal
     •     Establish a relationship
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